What is Pakistan?


interesting cool crazy facts about Pakistan?

Here are the some interesting cool crazy facts about Pakistan

interesting cool crazy

  1. Pakistan is the world’s 6th biggest democracy
  2. 4th largest broadband is in the pakistan
  3. We play games
  4. We make movies since 1948
  5. edhi largest ambulance network in world
  6. we manufacture fifa footballs and 50 percent of world’s football been made in pakistan
  7. Vast and versatile culture
  8. we dance
  9. we sing
  10. Pakistan produce about 44500 university graduates every year
  11. we have noble prize winners
  12. one of the most attractive and smart males
  13. world 2nd largest textile exporters
  14. we fashion
  15. Pakistan make interesting and crazy high tech weapons

Think before calling Pakistan as Terrorist state. We are fighting Hard against the terrorism.

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